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Earn Money Toward Your Next Set of Tires!


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Better Fuel Ecomony, Longer Tire Life, Enhanced Safety, a Smaller Carbon Footprint ... and So Much More.

Tire RewardsLost Key & Lockout Service
Tire Repair and ReplacementTravel Benefits
24 Hour Roadside AssitanceTheft and Hit & Run Protection
24 Hour Fluid DeliveryTrip Routing Service
24 Hour Battery ServiceTrip Interruption Protection

A Tire Saved is a Tire Earned.

Maintain your Tires with NitroFill and you may Never Pay for One Again.

The Longer They Last, the More You Earn

Purchasing a new car or truck from an authorized NitroFill Dealer has always been a shrewed choice, as NitroFilled tires last longer, enhance safety and provide better fuel economy.

In fact, studies show that inflating your vehicle's tires with our ultra-high purity nitrogen gas can, over time, reduce your vehicle's fuel consumption by as much as 10%, extend the life of your tires by as much as 50% and decrease your chances of experiencing a tire failure by as much as 75%* ... plus, measurably reduce your carbon footprint.  While these advantages are certainly impressive, they are but a sliver of the benefits you can enjoy as a NitroFill Tire Rewards member.

The condition of our planet is never far from our thoughts at NitroFill. In fact, reducing the environmental impact of motor vehicle operation has always been a driving force of our business, as increased fuel economy, longer tire life and a reduced carbon foot print are all key benefits of inflating and maintaining tires with NitroFill. But we wanted to do more, and so did our dealers

Beginning in January 2014 we, on behalf of our NitroFill dealers and their customers, began planting a tree for every NitroFill conversion service sold and inviting the dealers' customers to dedicate their trees to whomever or whatever they choose. In the program's first two years we planted well over 2,000,000 trees and have posted over 850,000 Tree Dedications on, numbers that we hope will continue to grow.

Membership Includes:

  • Tire Repair & Replacement Coverage
  • 24 Hour Emergency Towing Service
  • 24 Hour Road Service
  • 24 Hour Emergency Fluid Delivery
  • 24 Hour Emergency Battery Service
  • Lost Key and Lockout Service
  • Travel Benefits
  • Theft and Hit & Run Protection
  • Trip Routing Service
  • Trip Interruption Protection

And Now
Cash Credit Towards
Your Next Set of New Tires!

In addition to Tire Repair and Replacement Coverage, Free Roadside Assistance and an array of other important benefits not provided by your vehicle manufacturer, as a NitroFill Tire Rewards member you'll also earn cash credit towards your next set of new tires each time you return to your NitroFill dealer for a scheduled tire rotation or inspection.**

To qualify for the following Tire Rewards, simply return to your selling NitroFill dealer every 5000 miles to have your tires rotated or inspected** and keep your NitroFill Auto Club membership valid.
It's that simple.

Tire Rewards Table

Earn Money Back

Number of Tire Rotations and Total Benefit Amount

  • 3 rotations: $25
  • 4 rotations: $50
  • 5 rotations: $100
  • 6 rotations: $150
  • 7 rotations: $250
  • 8 rotations: $300
  • 9 rotations: $350
  • 10 rotations: $400
  • 11 rotations: $450
  • 12 rotations: $600

Rewards members are entitled to an additional $18.00 per tire for mounting and balancing covered new tires (taxes and fees excluded).

* Based upon studies performed by Clemson University. Please see for complete report.
**If the manufacturer of your vehicle does not recommend or prohibits the rotation of tires, you must have your tires inspected every 5,000 miles from the original odemeter reading provided on the Effective Date (a +/- 1,000 mile grace period applies for meeting this inspection requirement.  See dealer or your Benefits Page as required service intervals may vary).  All program tires must be replaced at the new car dealership where you purchased your qualifying NitroFill Rewards service.  Complete details are provided upon customer registration as benefits and benefit durations may vary.  Benefits cover qualifying cars, trucks and SUV's.  No benefits are provided for commercial vehicles.

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